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Jeffrey Myers

Jeffrey Myers is a world traveled professional surfer with over 15 years of world recognition.
Gracing magazine covers internationally, nationally and regionally, starring in over forty five surf films Jeffrey literally has a world of experience in the sport of surfing!! Jet setting throughout his professional career Jeffrey has had the great fortune of traveling to the likes of :

  • Alaska

  • Australia

  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Barbados

  • California

  • Costa Rica

  • Culebra island

  • El Salvador

  • France

  • Hawaii

  • Ireland

  • Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

  • Mexico

  • Nova Scotia

  • Panama

  • Peru

  • Portugal

  • Puerto Rico

  • South Africa

  • Spain

  • Sumbawa, Indonesia

  • The Entire East Coast

  • Tortola

Throughout his world adventures Jeffrey has landed the spotlight in everything from National Geographic Magazine, cover shot images in Transworld Surf Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Carbon Magazine, Rev Magazine, Surf News Magazine, Drift Magazine, hundreds of endorsement advertising campaigns as well as countless editorial features in media worldwide.

The gift of surfing has blessed Jeffrey with the likes of his very own signature T-shirts, endorsement advertising campaigns, in store window displays, posters and commercials!!

In search of a way to give thanks and humbled by his success, Southern Sunshine Surf Lessons was born.  Jeffrey strives to give back to those in the community along with visitors by sharing all he has learned through his experiences, by providing professional surfing lessons to beginners, who have hopes of catching their very first wave to intermediate surfers, who are looking to advance their skills through proven professional athletic guidance!  Southern Sunshine Surf Lessons genuinely offers and provides lessons for everyone, including YOU!


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